Publications and Forthcoming Articles

Gender Differences in Informal Labor Market Resilience (with Morgan Hardy, Erin Litzow and Jamie McCasland). World Bank Economic Review 2023; 37(1), 112-126.
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Gotta’ Have Money to Make Money? Bargaining Behavior and Financial Need of Microentrepreneurs (with Morgan Hardy and Lena Song) American Economic Review: Insights. January 2022; 4.1: 1 – 17
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Thirty-five years later: Long-term effects of the Matlab Maternal and Child Health/Family Planning Program on older women’s well-being (with Tania Barham, Andrew Foster, Chris Jochem, Jane Menken, Abdur Razzaque, Elisabeth Root, and Patrick Turner) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2021; 118, no. 28
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The market-reach of pandemics: Evidence from female workers in Ethiopia’s ready-made garment industry (with with Christian Johannes Meyer, Morgan Hardy, Marc Witte, and Eyoual Demeke). World Development. January 2021;137:105179.
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It’s Getting Crowded in Here: Experimental Evidence of Demand Constraints in the Gender Profit Gap (with Morgan Hardy) The Economic Journal. October 2020; 130(631):2272-90.
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Mind The (Profit) Gap: Why Are Female Enterprise Owners Earning Less than Men? (with Morgan Hardy) AEA Papers and Proceedings May 2018, Vol. 108, pp. 252-55.
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Working Papers

The Enterprise Gender Data Gap: Evidence From Sub-Saharan Africa (with Morgan Hardy and Nusrat Jimi).
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The Impact of Firm Downsizing on Workers: Evidence from Ethiopia’s Ready-Made Garment Industry (with Morgan Hardy, Eyoual Demeke, Marc Witte and Christian Johannes Meyer). Under Review
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Improving the Early Childhood Environment: Multi-Generational Effects on Human Capital (with Tania Barham, Jena Hamadani, and Brach Champion).
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Economic Consequences of Childhood Exposure to Urban Environmental Toxins (with Dustin Frye). 2023.
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Research in Progress

Gendered Inheritance and the Gender Profit Gap: Evidence from Ghana (with Morgan Hardy and Angela Orozco)

Female Labor Market Opportunities, Household Decision-Making Power and Domestic Violence: Evidence from the Bangladesh Garment Industry

Long Run Impacts of Famine Exposure: A Study of the 1974 – 1975 Bangladesh Famine (with Brach Champion)

The Devil is in the Pre-Tales: A Closer Look at WOmen’s First Months in Industrial Work (with Morgan Hardy and Christian Johannes Meyer)